Friday, April 17, 2009

An Evening in Santorini

Ron and I were eating outside at a harbor restaurant when a young woman came over and introduced herself to my husband.

I saw your Nittany Lions cap," she said. "Did you go to Penn State?"
"Yes," he replied, "Class of '67."

"I graduated last spring. My name's Caitlin." They spent a few minutes sharing oddly similar memories.

Caitlin rejoined her friends at the next table, who were wearing colorful T-shirts and caps with the names of other colleges. As the evening wore on, they switched from beer to ouzo, getting more and more smashed. At one point the Penn Stater laughed so hard she fell off her chair.
Meanwhile, a refined young couple enjoyed a leisurely meal a few tables away. They were more dressed up than the other diners and seemed to be celebrating a special occasion.

Several friendly dogs wandered among the tables; one strolled over to them, lifted his leg and peed on their table. the young man looked stunned but didn't move, and neither did his companion.

Our jaws dropped. Caitlin and her friends were speechless, staring wide-eyed at the couple. "Did you see that?" she asked me, snickering. I nodded, trying to restrain my laughter.

During the dessert course the pup repeated his act, this time sprinkling a little on the man's legs. He and his date gulped their brandies, took pictures of each other and got out of there. Stone-faced, they looked away as they passed by.

Luckily, the dog didn't consider the rest of us worthy of his blessing.


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