Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bye Bye Spain, Hello Geneva

After our mountaintop adventure we headed for Santiago de Compostela and fell in love with the city's narrow, windy lanes, pretty squares and magnificent cathedral. Over the centuries, pilgrims have walked hundreds of miles to get there, formerly for cures or absolution, lately more as a personal challenge. When we arrived the city was filled with hikers of all ages wearing backpacks and walking gear. They were tired and weathered but full of relief and joy because they had made it. Add to that the four-day Festival of Ascension, with music and dancing in the streets, and the mood was electric.

Sunshine had found us and stayed through La Coruna, a city on the Atlantic coast with a crescent-shaped beach under rugged cliffs.

Then it was on to Geneva to visit with our friends of forty years, Jean Pierre and Carmen, and their children and grandchildren.


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